Clanging Gong News
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© 2014 by Martin Zender

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I am grateful to Rebecca Witherspoon for putting together the Table of Contents for this volume, and the subject and Scripture indices you will find at the back. What amazing work. I couldn’t have done it. It was a labor of love, and we all benefit.

I am grateful to J.D. Fine, who put together the very first bound collection of the Clanging Gong News. When I first opened it, my jaw dropped. It was astounding to see all of these issues together in one place. The weight of the book, the quality of the paper, the shiny colors—it was a thing to behold. The moment I held it, my first thought was, "I’ve got to produce more of these."

It’s all here: the sovereignty of God, the salvation of all, Paul’s distinct message, end-time truth, and some social issues thrown in for good measure. Oh—and typos. I strove to avoid them when first publishing the individual issues, but mistakes weaseled in. This is the work of a human being. I was tempted to correct the mistakes, but I think that perhaps truth shines brightest against the backdrop of human frailty.

I commend this book to you as well as to my Lord and Savior.

The majority of these newsletters were written during a time of great trial and suffering. I considered it a miracle every time I produced one. As you read the articles, you may or may not detect the pain between the lines. It’s there. You will probably notice, first and foremost, joy, happiness, and color in Christ. Good. It is decidedly there. This goes to show that the Christ-life, within, survives human darkness. It operated even in a trench, when all is gone but faith. I thank my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, for inspiring me to write these words, and for giving me the faith to survive.

I believe God will use this handsome collection of the Clanging Gong News to bless many people. Set it on your coffee table. Buy a copy for your kids. The beauty of this volume is the short articles and unique illustrations. And the humor. There is something for everyone. I carefully selected each photo for ultimate color, composition, and thus impact. It was not unusual for me to spend thirty minutes in search of the perfect illustration. As I flip through these pages today, I am thankful for the effort. Why shouldn’t the gospel shimmy like a butterfly? Butterflies, themselves, reflect the genius of God. Is a rainbow to exceed, in beauty, the happy smile of our Creator?

-Martin Zender