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Clanging Gong News: The Complete Issues
NOW Available!
Martin Zender's Clanging Gong News: The Complete Issues
Collector's Edition
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From the introduction:

"Itís all here: the sovereignty of God, the salvation of all, Paulís distinct message, end-time truth, and some social issues thrown in for good measure...

I commend this book to you as well as to my Lord and Savior.

The majority of these newsletters were written during a time of great trial and suffering. I considered it a miracle every time I produced one. As you read the articles, you may or may not detect the pain between the lines. Itís there. You will probably notice, first and foremost, joy, happiness, and color in Christ. Good. It is decidedly there. This goes to show that the Christ-life, within, survives human darkness. It operated even in a trench, when all is gone but faith. I thank my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, for inspiring me to write these words, and for giving me the faith to survive." - Martin Zender
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We are not selling this item to make money, folks. We are just covering our expenses to get them to you. We can ship them inexpensively within the U.S., but international shipping is a little pricey. Although these issues are available separately free of charge on Martin's website, we believe that with the full indices this beautiful volume can be a great study guide, coffee table book conversation piece, or the perfect gift.

May it bless you.

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