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The First Idiot in Heaven - Product Image
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The First Idiot in Heaven

Paul’s thirteen letters are a radical departure from the rest of Scripture, including Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. The only place in the Bible where you will find details concerning God’s remedy for restoring the heavens is in the thirteen letters of Paul. The only place in Scripture where you will find law tossed out the window is in the thirteen letters of Paul. The only books in the entire Bible dealing with the special salvation of Gentiles (non-Israelites), who sin as a vocation and have never even heard of Moses—are the thirteen letters of Paul.

Here, and here alone—in the thirteen letters of Paul—are found the deepest depths of grace ever to be shed abroad from God’s heart. 

"Zender's genius lies in boiling complex theological concepts down to their essence. Never has Paul been plainer--or more fun--to read. The apostle himself would have a hard time putting down this book."
Dan Sheridan,
The Martin Zender/Dan Sheridan Show

Paperback/352 pages
30 Illustrations

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